Potable Water & Inspection

Blue Locker Diving utilizes the OSHA required three man dive team to inspect, clean and if necessary, make coating repairs using an NSF approved epoxy to help ensure the longevity of your tanks. Applying a food grade epoxy greatly improves the life of the coating as well as  budgeting for years to come giving you piece of mind and knowing when you will or may need a blast and re-coat . We also are able to help with any maintenance issues that you may have going on within your systems,  upon completion of the inspection and cleaning a engineer goes through the reports and offers suggestions on how to stay compliant with state regulations. All divers have graduated from an accredited military installation or diving academy. A full written and digital copy/DVD will be mailed to you for record keeping purposes.

Underwater NDT

Utilizing an advanced team of divers, specialized tools and non-destructive technology for inspection and diagnostics, Blue Locker provides reliable information to the project managers. Blue Locker provides professional and accurate services for testing for flaws in surface or subsurface structures, inspection and repair.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled dive team, Blue Locker can detect and define the extent of corrosion and superficial and structural damage in inaccessible areas. Blue Locker provides documentation and seismic photographs on all projects.

Quagga/Zebra Mussel Elimination

Studies on how to completely eradicate this species has not yet been found. The good news is that they can clean the water inside lakes or ponds throughout the USA  and many other countries around the globe. The bad news is they can cause severe damage to intake screens and fixtures throughout the habitat they dwell in. Both the Zebra and the Quagga are small and evasive mussels that need to be maintained or they will spread quickly and may jeopardize fish habitats & Treatment facilities. Our methods that have been utilized are efficient and a necessity to help prevent future costs to utilities for replacing damaged fixtures.


Dredging provides removal services of sediment from lakes, ponds or rivers. This helps when you are trying to locate a broken or stationary pipeline or lake intake. The process involves using pneumatic air for our dredge that is utilized and operated by our commercial dive team. The process is one that takes much skill and competency not to disrupt the marine environment or the eco system itself. When selecting a team for dredging it is crucial to bring forth an experienced commercial team with the know how to get the job done.


As well as providing the best service in the business for safe drinking water, we also specialize in salvage diving. Blue Locker provides fast and effective ways to save any object that has any value, like sunken vessels that are distressed, abandoned, or completely sunk to the bottom. Our expert team is highly trained to deal with these situations and we make sure that we can bring your vessel or fallen object back to you in the best condition possible.

Valve Repair

Blue Locker Diving is able to help with maintenance or replacement of valves and or pipeline. All divers on board have the experience and knowledge to handle any installations or removals. Whether its within your potable water system or lake. We can create coffer dams of any size to help with valve replacement while tanks remain online, we have helped several utilities with lake intakes and structures.

Tank Cleaning

All divers are saturate with a 200ppm chlorine solution before entering into the tank. No part of the divers body will touch any part of the water and the divers are completely encapsulated in a dry suit and helmet prior to entering into the tank. It is important to keep up with tank cleanings and inspections to keep your systems functioning properly and to help keep contaminates out of the water supply.This helps to keep  bacteria from forming inside your system and is a critical part of the maintenance process.All services can be performed while the tank remains online and functioning at capacity freeing up any hassle that comes from having to drain your tanks and take the system offline. This utilizes minimum water loss and saves water within your community.

Tank Cleaning & Inspection

We offer cleaning, and inspections for on-grade tanks, sub-grade basins and tower & stand pipes as well as the ability to go portable for hard to reach tanks.

ROV (Coming Soon…)

Remote Operated Vehicles – Blue Locker offers ROV inspections for potable water tanks. This can be beneficial for seeing what is going on inside your tanks. Although not as efficient as a dive team the ROV can still provide a video documented inspection for your records.

We utilize ROV to inspect for corrosion and sediment inside the tanks. This and can be beneficial to our clients as a prerequisite for future services.


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